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Enhance Your Solar Viewing Experience with Solar Eyepieces:

Elevate your solar observation with our collection of specialized solar eyepieces. Designed for safety and clarity, these eyepieces allow you to explore the Sun's features, such as sunspots and prominences, in stunning detail.

A solar wedge is an optical accessory used in solar astronomy to safely observe and image the Sun. It is typically a thin, wedge-shaped piece of glass or other optical material that is designed to be inserted into the optical path of a telescope. The primary purpose of a solar wedge is to reduce the intensity of sunlight entering the telescope, making it safe to observe and photograph the Sun without damaging the observer's eyes or the telescope's optics.

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  • Baader AstroSolar 5.0 OD Safety Film - 140mm x 155mm Sheet - ASOLV-E
  • StarField Optics 2" Herschel Wedge for Solar Observations
  • Lunt Solar White Light Solar Wedge, 1.25" - LS1.25HW
  • Baader 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism - Version "V" - HERSCH-V
  • Baader 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism - Version "P" - HERSCH-P
  • Lunt Solar 2" Herschel Wedge for LS130 with Blacking Plate & Focuser - LS130WL/BP&F
  • Lunt Solar 27mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - LS27E
  • Lunt Solar 19mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - LS19E
  • Lunt Solar 16mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - LS16E
  • Lunt Solar 8mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - LS8E
  • Lunt Solar White Light Solar Wedge - 2.0" - LS2HW
  • Lunt Solar Solar Eyepiece Set - 1.25" - LSEPSET