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Altitude-azimuth (alt-az) mounts are telescope mounts designed for straightforward up-and-down (altitude) and left-and-right (azimuth) movements, making them intuitive for beginners. They provide easy navigation across the night sky but require manual adjustments to compensate for the Earth's rotation during long observations.

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  • Celestron Heavy Duty Alt-Azimuth Mount & Aluminum Tripod - 93607
  • Explore Scientific TwiLight I Adjustable Alt-Az Mount w/ Tripod - MAZ01-00
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    Sky-Watcher AZ-Gti Mount With Steel Tripod - S21110
  • ZWO AM5 Harmonic Dual Equatorial Mount - AM5
  • Sale
    Sky-Watcher AZ5 Mount With Steel Tripod - S20110
  • iOptron AZ Mount Pro GoTo Mount with Tri-Pier and Rolling Case - 8900-TP-RC
  • ZWO AM3 Harmonic Dual Equatorial Mount - AM3
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    Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 Dual AZ/EQ Mount with Hand Controller - S30330
  • iOptron CubePro GoTo AltAzimuth Mount - 8200
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    Sky-Watcher Az-GTe Tracking Alt-Az Mount - S21140
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    Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Dual EQ/AZ Mount with Hand Controller- S30200
  • Tele Vue Gibraltar HD5 Mount with Encoders - G5E-5023
  • Tele Vue Gibraltar HD4 Mount with Encoders - G4E-6023
  • Tele Vue Advanced Pano-Ash Mount with Encoders - P4E-7023
  • Tele Vue Advanced Tele-Pod with Encoders - TPE-3023
  • Starlight Innovation PLI Para-Light Combo Special - PLICOMBO
  • Starlight Innovation PLI Para-Light I Wood Parallelogram Alt-Az Mount - PLI
  • iOptron AZ Mount Pro with 1.75" LiteRoc Tripod - 8903
  • iOptron AZ Mount Pro GoTo Mount with Tri-Pier - 8900-TP
  • Tele Vue Panoramic Pano-Ash Advanced Mount - P4M-7011
  • Explore Scientific Twilight II Alt-Azimuth Mount - MAZ-02P
  • Tele Vue Gibraltar HD5 Mount - G5M-5014
  • Tele Vue Gibraltar HD4 Mount - G4M-6014
  • Tele Vue Advanced Tele-Pod Mount - TPM-3015