StarField Optics 1.25" Herschel Solar Wedge - SOL-WEDGE-1

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 Save 10% from May 15 - June 30 on this easy to use Herschel Wedge for refractors up to 4"!

StarField 1.25" Herschel Solar Wedge 

  • This Herschel Wedge can be used visually & photographically
  • For use refractors up to 4" (102mm) - replaces standard 1.25" diagonal or prism
  • Anti-reflection coated prism
  • 26.5mm clear aperture
  • M42 threads for easy camera attachment

Get ready to see sun spots and solar surface granulation like never before!  The StarField 1.25" Herschel Wedge attaches easily to most small (up to 102mm) refractor telescopes by simply trading out your regular 1.25" star diagonal or mirror for the solar wedge. Fine tune the brightness with the adjustable CPL filter for optimum results whether doing visual work or photography.

A solar wedge produces a high contrast image of the Sun due to its ability to remove reflections between the filter itself and your refractor telescope's lens.  You will find that this design difference allows for more detail when compared to results through a standard front-mount white light solar filter.

Please Note:  For use on non-plastic refractor telescopes under 102mm that accept 1.25" diagonals.  For telescopes over 4", we recommend the Starfield 2" Herschel Solar Wedge.  Not suitable for Petzval style refractors.  When using a filter, make sure and mount it behind the solar wedge, not in front of it.  The light should always be filtered before reaching any other accessories as they can get overheated quickly.  As always, be careful when observing the Sun and take the proper precautions so your eyes and the eyes of others are protected.