StarField Optics 2" Herschel Wedge for Solar Observations

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StarField 2" Herschel Solar Wedge 

  • This Herschel Wedge can be used visually & photographically
  • For use with a refractor telescope
  • It comes with a built in ND3 filter
  • Polarizing filter provides a wide brightness adjustment range
  • 115mm optical back length allows for use with most refractors
  • Anti-reflection coated prism
  • 46mm clear aperture
  • 2" twist lock ring allows for fast accessory changes
  • Includes 2"-1.25" adapter

Get ready to see sun spots and solar surface granulation like never before!  The StarField 2" Herschel Wedge attaches easily to your refractor telescope by simply trading out your regular 2" star diagonal or mirror for the wedge.  It is easy to make brightness adjustments without removing your camera or eyepiece, making this Herschel solar wedge perfect for visual use or imaging of the Sun in white light.  To adjust brightness, just rotate the 2" eyepiece holder with the included 2" polarizing filter on board.  Super easy!

A solar wedge produces a high contrast image of the Sun due to its ability to remove reflections between the filter itself and your refractor telescope's lens.  You will find that this design difference allows for more detail when compared to results through a standard front-mount white light solar filter.