Telescope Repairs & Service

🌌 Telescope Repairs & Service at Khan Scope Centre 🌌

Hello, Star Gazers and Galaxy Explorers!

If your telescope isn't providing the stellar experience you're after, Khan Scope Centre is your solution. Our team of skilled technicians is adept at servicing a wide array of telescopes, including favorites like Meade and Celestron, along with various computerized models.

🔭 Our Services:

  • Expert Care for All Telescope Models: Our technicians are equipped to handle both the latest and the time-honored telescopes, ensuring top-notch performance.
  • Precise Collimation: Fine-tuning your telescope for the clearest and most accurate celestial observations.
  • Latest Firmware Updates: We ensure your telescope is operating with the most current software, for an enhanced stargazing experience.


  • Small Telescope Assessment (Reflectors up to 4.5" aperture): $75
  • Basic Examination/Assessment (up to 8" aperture): $99
  • Computerized Telescope Assessment (up to 11" aperture): $199
  • Telescope Assembly (up to 8"): $75-$99 (Efficient and reliable assembly services)
  • Firmware Updates: Starting at $75
  • Additional Labour Hours: $89.95/hr

Note: Parts & additional labour costs are extra. Prices do not include tax and are subject to change based on the repair/service.

📧 Get in Touch: To have your telescope serviced by our expert team, simply email us at with a description of your telescope's issue. We'll respond to coordinate your service.

Khan Scope Centre – Where telescopes are revitalized and your stargazing dreams are restored.