Lunt Solar White Light Solar Wedge - 2.0" - LS2HW

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Lunt Solar White Light Solar Wedge

The Lunt White Light Solar Wedge is their proprietary version of the generic Herschel wedge. This device lets you view or image the Sun in white light with their product installed on a conventional refractor telescope! This diagonal-type solar filter also functions as a beam diagonal on your scope. It inserts into the focuser of your nighttime telescope for safe viewing of eclipses, Sun spots, and more.

This model is the LS2HW, which is the 2" barrel model. (Available in either a 2″ or 1.25″ model. The 1.25″ is best for refractors 4″ and under, and the 2″ is best for refractors 6″ and under.) Therefore, this model, LS2HW is best suited for larger refractors.

The addition of a polarizing filter (sold separately) is recommended when using the solar wedge visually. NOTE: This Lunt White Light Solar Wedge, just as with other Herschel wedges is NOT recommended for use on reflector telescopes or any other type of large aperture instrument, because too much IR energy can be collected by a large aperture (non-refractor) instrument leading to internal damage of your telescope and/or this Solar Wedge!

Alternatively, if you wish to do visual observing we recommend dimming the image for your eyes with a Polarizing Filter. First put one Polarizing Filter on the bottom of your eyepiece. Then adjust the brightness to your comfort by rotating the eyepiece.


This Lunt Solar White Light Solar Wedge product includes:

  • Lunt White Light Solar Wedge (2″ for 2" size eyepiece focuser barrel)
  • ND3 Pre-installed Filter
  • Carrying Case
  • Case has Die Cut Foam with room for accessories