ZWO AM3 Harmonic Dual Equatorial Mount - AM3

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Want a telescope mount that is flexible and portable?  Weighing in at under 10 pounds, this lightweight yet strong harmonic AM3 equatorial mount from ZWO can handle a weight capacity of 17 +/- pounds, even without counterweights!  If you add the optional counterweights, the load capacity goes up to 13 kg, or about 28 pounds, which is really amazing for a mount with such a small form factor!!

The ZWO AM3 multi-function mount can be used in both alt-azimuth and equatorial mode, and just in case you forget which set up you are in, the status light indicator on the back of the mount shines green for Alt-Az and red for Equatorial!  The status indicator is next to the USB, Auto Guide, Hand Controller and DC power ports.

Control the ZWO AM3 via your smartphone or tablet via the WiFi connection or use the included hand controller if you wish.    For wireless control, download the app for features like Tonight's Target, GOTO, Live Preview, and more!  Alternately, the included rocker-style hand controller is comfortable and easy to use.  The rocker can be pushed in multiple directions, and can be integrated with the Wi-Fi network for wireless control.

The strain wave gear has high torque and low periodic error that is controlled to within +/- 20 arc seconds. Each mount is tested and equipped with a PE curve before it leaves the factory! The Strain Wave gear and synchronous belt used on the AM3 offers a reduction ratio of 300:1. 

The gears allow you to change the pitch angle of the mount from 0 to 90 degrees.  Gear 1 can adjust the pitch angle from 0 to 60 degrees, and Gear 2 can be adjusted (by loosening the hex-head screw) to achieve an angle between 30 and 90 degrees.

The system has a max slew speed of 6 degrees per second, with a multitude of slew rates to choose from, starting at 0.5X and going all the way up to 1440X!

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