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Pegasus Astro is more than a brand; they’re a passionate community of stargazers, astrophotographers, and engineers united by a shared love for the cosmos.

With over 15 years of expertise in the realm of astrophotography, the Pegasus Astro journey began with a commitment to delivering dependable and cost-effective solutions to the astronomy community.

Every product they offer is meticulously designed, assembled, and rigorously tested within Pegasus's own facilities. Today, their presence extends across two European Union countries (Cyprus & Greece), reflecting a dedication to serving the global community of astronomy enthusiasts with unwavering precision and passion.

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  • Pegasus Pocket Powerbox Advance with USB Hub - Gen2 - PPBADV
  • Pegasus Astro SmartEye - Smart Eyepiece for Telescopes
  • Pegasus XT60 20A Power Supply Unit - PSU-XT60H
  • Pegasus Pocket Powerbox Micro - PPBMICRO
  • Pegasus Indigo OAG Off-Axis Guider - INDIGOAG
  • Pegasus FocusCube Zero V2 for Celestron 6/8/9.25" SCT/EdgeHD/RASA - FCZERO-SCT68925
  • Pegasus FocusCube Zero V2 for Celestron 11" SCT/EdgeHD - FCZERO-SCT11
  • Pegasus Universal V3 FocusCube - FC3-UNIV
  • Pegasus Accessories Plate - APLATE
  • Pegasus M68 Male to M48 Male Adapter - ADAPT-M68M-M48M
  • Pegasus M68 Male to M48 Female Adapter - ADAPT-M68M-M48F