Sky-Watcher AZ5 Mount With Steel Tripod - S20110

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Sky-Watcher AZ5 Mount With Steel Tripod

The Sky-Watcher AZ5 Altitude-Azimuth Mount is an easy to use, grab-and-go telescope mount which you will love to take anywhere you may travel. This AZ5 Altitude-Azimuth Mount from Sky-Watcher is great to use for nighttime visual astronomy and daytime terrestrial observations, as well.

This AZ5 Mount is fabricated from cast aluminum and designed to attach smaller telescopes up to 5 kg (or 11 pounds) in weight, via a regular 45 mm dovetail bar. With a payload of 11 lb, and very easy to operate controls, you will want to use this with your smaller telescope often!

This Sky-Watcher AZ5 Mount With Steel Tripod is a manually adjusted AZ-El head with fine motion control knobs. It has a V-style dovetail saddle, and an adjustable mounting arm. Has an adjustable 1.75" diameter rolled steel tripod with a metal accessory tray. Features an 11 pound payload capacity.