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Vixen is a Japanese company that makes telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories for their products. Among many other more mainstream products they have created two unusual varieties of catadioptric telescopes with an open tube design instead of the full-aperture corrector plate of the Schmidt–Cassegrain and most Maksutov–Cassegrain designs.
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  • 50 mm  F7 Nature Eye  Refractor Telescope - 89327
  • Immaculate Celestial Voyager: Vixen Sphinx SXP Starbook Ten GoTo Mount with HAL-130 Tripod (Pre-Loved)
  • Vixen Optics NPL Plossl 40mm Eyepiece (1.25") (preowned)
  • Vixen Space Eye 50 - 50mm Refractor Telescope - 32751
  • Vixen Space Eye 700  Deluxe  70mm f/10 Refractor on Alt-Azimuth Mount - 32754