50 mm F7 Nature Eye Refractor Telescope - 89327

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Night sky Eye Telescope

The Nature Eye 50mm f/7 Refractor AZ Telescope from Vixen comes packaged as a ready-to-go, set-up-anywhere astronomical or terrestrial viewing platform. The 50mm aperture and short focal length optical tube assembly (OTA), plus the folding tabletop tripod, make it easy to put in a pack or case to travel just about anywhere. To get you viewing right out of the box, the scope comes with a 36x power eyepiece, a 45° erect-image diagonal with an adjustable-position eyepiece holder, and a 2x Barlow lens that effectively doubles the magnification of any eyepiece used with it. The finderscope offers a low magnification to help locate distant subjects, and its peep sight assists the viewer in speeding up the subject-location process significantly, especially if you're tracking a moving subject.

See the Rings of Saturn, Jupiter and it’s four Galilean Moons, The Moon and Lunar surface and much more.

Optical Tube Assembly
  • 50mm aperture
  • f/7 focal ratio
  • 360mm focal length
  • Resolution: 2.32 arcsec
  • Rack-and-pinion focuser with 1.25" eyepiece holder
  • Integrated magnetic compass positioned for easy visibility during use
  • Flip-down objective lens cover


Included Accessories


  • 1.25" snout and eyepiece holder
  • 45° angle places head in a comfortable viewing position
  • Integrated erect-image prism corrects view for use as a conventional terrestrial spotting scope
  • Adjustable-position eyepiece holder allows you to place the eyepiece in the most comfortable viewing position


  • 1.25" diameter barrel
  • Accepts most 1.25" astronomical filters
  • 10mm eyepiece produces a moderate 36x magnification

Barlow Lens:

  • 1.25" snout and eyepiece holder
  • Effectively doubles the magnification of any eyepiece used with it, without affecting the eyepiece eye relief


  • Low 5x magnification provides a wide angle of view to find subjects quickly and make star-hopping navigating easier
  • Mounting bracket included
Mount and Tripod
  • Easy-to-use manual alt-azimuth mount with locks to hold position
  • Folding tabletop tripod for portability, with rubber-tipped feet for stability