ZWO TC40 Carbon Fiber Tripod - TC40

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The ZWO TC40 Tripod, made from carbon fiber, has an amazing 110 pound (50kg) weight capacity.  It works great with the ZWO AM5 or AM3, but is also compatible with other mounts, such as the iOptron GEM45 & CEM40, the Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi, or the Rainbow Astro 135E.

The adjustable height of the TC40 Tripod is 470 mm to 800 mm.  The legs are in two sections, with the upper section having a leg diameter of 40 mm.  The lower section is just a tad smaller at 36 mm diameter.  A spreader plate pushes up agains the legs as you turn the knob, increasing the stability of the legs and locking them in place.

The TC40 can be folded for transport and storage to just 500 mm long.  The tripod head plate and weight bag can be removed to make the load a little lighter, but the TC40 weighs in at just over 5 pounds, or 2.3 kg.

The weight bag mentioned above attaches to the legs near the bottom of the tripod.  By filling it with something heavy, you can further stabilize the tripod.  A good choice would be your telescope's battery pack, but you can always add stones!

The TC40 tripod head plate offers three mounting points for a sturdy and secure connection. In its standard configuration, the tripod head plate will attach to the AM5 mount base.  Turn it upside down to present a 3/8" tapped hole for mounting compatible mounts to the tripod.  A lock knob is on the side of the tripod head that will reinforce the connection between the mount and the tripod.