ZWO IR-Cut Filter - 1.25" - IRCUT1.25

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The ZWO 1.25″ IR UV CUT filter is suitable for color cameras with an AR window.

The ZWO IR-Cut Filter blocks infrared light from reaching the sensor of your CCD or CMOS camera or your expensive H-alpha filter. When imaging, the addition of this simple and inexpensive accessory will result in sharper images, and when doing solar work, the ZWO IR Cut Filter will protect your H-alpha filter from the damaging effects of infrared radiation.

Unlike the human eye, a silicon sensor is very sensitive to light in the infrared portion of the spectrum, and that infrared light causes blurry images. By blocking infrared with a ZWO IR-CUT filter, you will help keep your images safe from the effects of this disruptive wavelength of light.

This ZWO IR-Cut filter is housed in a 1.25” cell. The filter comes with a protective plastic case.

Thickness: 1.85 mm