ZWO FF65 APO - 65 mm f/6.4 APO Petzval Refractor - FF65-APO

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The ZWO FF65 APO is a f/6.4 APO refractor with a flat-field optical design...there is no need to add a field flattener to this system!  This quintuplet telescope has two elements made of ED glass, which controls chromatic aberration as well as coma, with small, round stars to the edges of the photographic field and a central RMS radius of just 2.5um. It is a pleasure to work with a system that does not require a separate field flattener; it eliminates the hassle of calculating the back focus distance and figuring out which spacers you require to achieve that distance for best focus.  Just add any accessories you need, focus carefully, and start shooting!

The telescope OTA is white with red accents, and is CNC machined and anodized for strength and beauty.  A build in lens hood slides forward when you need protection from stray light and dew, but can be locked into place with thumb screws if you want to keep it from moving.

Perfect for Visual Use

The ZWO 65 mm Quint Refractor is a nice choice for visual observations.  With its portable form factor, you can easily take it with you to star parties, on camping trips, or when traveling.  The FF65 accepts diagonals, eyepieces, and other visual accessories, and comes to perfect focus, unlike telescopes out there that can only be used for imaging.  The body weights just 2kg, or 4.4 pounds, and even when you add the tube rings, handle, and dovetail the whole system weighs 2.8kg, or 6.2 pounds!  

A Dream Scope for Imaging

Besides offering a flat field and great correction for chromatic aberration, the ZWO FF65 supports full frame imaging with an image circle of 44 mm.  A 2.5" dual speed focuser comes with a 360º rotator to easily frame your shot, scales for repeatability, and a finder base (finder sold separately.  The focuser is compatible with the ZWO EAF (automatic focuser) without requiring additional adapters.  

Included Accessories

The ZWO FF65 comes with a beautiful red dual cradle ring with a handle on top.  the handle has a slot for attaching a guidescope or other accessories.  The cradle ring can easily be detached and re-attached in no time.  The FF65 ring attaches to a Vixen-style dovetail, which will fit into the Vixen saddle of a wide variety of mounts.  

A variety of camera adapters (M68, M54 & M48) are included, and the M48 adapter has a female thread for installing 2" filters.  For DSLR imaging, a camera specific 48mm T-Ring is required, and is sold separately.