ZWO EAF - Standard Electronic Automatic Focuser - EAF-5V

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The ZWO EAF is an all-metal bodied electronic focus drive system. The flexible mounting system of the ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser allows installation across a wide range of telescopes, including refractors, Newtonians, Cassegrains and many other telescope designs. The included accessories provide for a quick and simple installation using the supplied hardware and wrenches.

The ZWO EAF utilizes a 35mm stepper motor that is subdivided into 5760 steps, making it capable of being accurately positioned at any angle.

  • High quality metal focuser with anodized finish.
  • Precise focus controlfor planetary and deep sky imaging.
  • Can be used in both autofocus and manual modes.
  • Flexible installationfor use on a variety of refractors, Newtonians, SCTs, and other optical tubes.
  • Versatile mounting bracket system with optional adapters available for purchase.
  • ASCOM/INDI compatible drivers available for download.
  • Interfaces with many well-known astronomy software packages.
  • ASICAP support built in.
  • Native support in ASIAIR Version 1.1 onwards.
  • Integrated USB interface.
  • Powered by 12V DC 0.5A.

The ZWO EAF utilizes a USB2.0 interface for data communication which supports ASCOM and can be used in association with a wide variety of astronomy software.

Planetary imagers can use ZWO’s ASICAP or other third-party software packages such as Sharpcap or FireCapture.

Deep sky astrophotographers can enjoy support from ZWO’s ASIAIR or other well known packages such as Maxim DL, The SkyX, Sequence Generator Pro, Nebulosity and many more. Third party focus software such as FocusMax, is also supported.

Your EAF is also fitted with a small multi-function interface that supports a temperature sensor or external hand controller, which are sold separately.