ZWO ASI432MM USB3.0 Mono Astronomy Camera - ASI432MM

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The ZWO ASI432MM Monochrome Planetary Camera includes the Sony IMX432 CMOS image sensor with Pregius 3rd Generation technology.  Sony Pregius sensors have a global shutter as well as high-speed signal processing and low noise. Global shutters also have a high FPS (max is 120 at full resolution in the ASI432MM), so it is a good choice if you want to photograph fast-moving objects like the International Space Station.

Compared to traditional CCD cameras, the readout noise of the ASI432 is extremely low.  The built-in HCG mode can effectively reduce readout noise at high gain and allow the camera to maintain the same high dynamic range as it does at low gain.  When the gain is 140, the HCG mode automatically turns on and the dynamic range rises back to 12bit.  When the gain is 400, the readout noise is 2.4e.

The Sony IMX432 is 1.1" in size and has 1608 x 1104 resolution with a pixel size of 9um. This sensor has a full well depth of 97ke, offering stronger sensitivity when compared to cameras with a small full well capacity.  The compact camera body is equipped with a USB3.0 transmission interface, built in 256M DDR3 memory,  as well as an ST4 Port so you can attach an auto guider to your set-up.

ZWO ASI432MM Mono Camera Specifications

  • Sensor: 1.1” CMOS IMX432
  • Resolution: 1.77 Mega Pixels 1608*1104
  • Pixel Size: 9μm
  • Sensor Size:  14.5mm * 9.55mm
  • Peak QE:  79%
  • Shutter: Global shutter
  • Exposure Range: 32µs-2000s
  • Max FPS:  120
  • Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
  • ST4 Guider Port: Yes
  • Back Focus:  6.5mm/
  • Protective Window:  AR
  • Operating System Compatibility:  Mac, Windows 7/8/10 32&64, Linux
  • ADC:  12Bit
  • Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
  • Adaptor: M42X0.75
  • Weight: 126g
  • Working Temperature: -5°C—50°C
  • Storage Temperature: -10°C—60°C
  • Working Relative Humidity: 0%—80%

What's in the Box?

When you purchase the ZWO ASI432 Mono Planetary Camera you will receive the camera body, a T2 tilter, a 1.25" nosepiece, a USB3.0 cable, an ST4 cable,  a 1.25" and 2" cover for the camera, and a Quick Guide. Before you start imaging, make sure you have the newest camera driver and imaging software installed on your computer. You can get it on the ZWO website in the "software" section.