ZWO ASI220MM Mini USB2.0 Mono Guide Camera - ASI220MINI

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The ZWO ASI220MM Mini monochrome camera uses the SC2210 CMOS sensor, with its 4.0 um pixels in a 1920 x 1080 array, to produce images with low read noise (0.6e) and high dynamic range.  The peak QE, or quantum efficiency of the ASI220Mini is 92% at 500 nm.  This camera is considered to be an upgraded version of the ASI290MM Mini due to its bigger sensor, larger pixel size and better NIR (near infrared) sensitivity.

The 220 Mini, which is a great choice as a guide camera, provides 12-bit ADC and up to 14 FPS (frames per second).  

The ZWO ASI220MM Mini sports one USB2.0 type C port. Type C ports are well suited for mobile phones because of their worry-free connection; it doesn't matter which way you turn the cable to plug it in, unlike a Type A or Type B cable.  For guiding, you can connect the camera to the ST4 type guide port, located above the USB2.0 port on the back of the 220Mini.

The ASI220 Mini can be focused just like an eyepiece.  This little camera works well with an OAG, or off-axis guider.  It can be pushed or pulled in and out to easily ensure that the distance from the prism to the main camera sensor is equal to the distance from the prism to the guide camera sensor.

ZWO ASI220MM Mini Specifications

ZWO ASI220MM Mini FPS Chart