William Optics RedCat Handle Bar - Red - M-HCRC-RD

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William Optics RedCat Handle Bar - Red

  • Handle Bar For Cat Series - Saddle
  • Made from Aluminum using CNC Machining
  • Has an Outer Hardened Coating
  • Will Have a Perfect Fit
  • Red Color

This William Optics New version Cat Series Saddle-type Handle Bar is made to attach to and fit the new Cat Series Ring. The new version mounting ring is required for the Cat scopes and this Saddle Handle. The new Ring has the paw logo on it, and this Handle Bar has the cat whiskers logo on it.

This product, the William Optics RedCat Handle Bar - Red color has a Vixen style saddle built into it to accept the William Optics Uniguide scope or any other Vixen type mounted guiding scope. It includes two knurled-head metal screws to secure a Vixen dovetail bar into this saddle, and also includes two hex socket head cap screws to attach this handle to the mounting bar.


Product SKU: M-HCRC-RD
Type/Function: Handle Bar With Vixen Saddle
Fits To: Cat Series - New Ring
Material: Aluminum - CNC Fabrication
Color: Red
Includes: 2 knurled-head metal screws - Vixen Saddle; and 2 hex socket head cap screws - attach Handle to Ring