William Optics Red Bahtinov Mask Cover For ZenithStar 61 Telescope - CPBM-61RD

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William Optics Red Bahtinov Mask Cover For WO ZenithStar 61 Telescope

  • William Optics Bahtinov Focusing Mask and Dust Cap
  • Innovative Design combines Dust Cover and a Bahtinov Mask in one
  • Fits WO ZenithStar 61 Telescope
  • Clear Acrylic Sheet design provides 92% light transmission
  • Gives the Brightest diffraction spikes to assist focusing

This is a William Optics Bahtinov Focusing Mask and Dust Cap in a red finish, made from Acrylic material, which is high in light transmission. This design using Acrylic material provides 92% light transmission for the brightest diffraction spikes visibility when you do your focusing. It results in about 3X brighter diffraction spike images than the traditional metal material masks.

This William Optics Bahtinov Focusing Mask and Dust Cap is made to fit the William Optics ZenithStar 61 Telescope. The outer dust cap is easily installed or removed by the user, which reveals the built-in Bahtinov Focusing Mask. This innovative design by William Optics is patented and will provide the ultimate in convenience when you are focusing your telescope.

This model of the Bahtinov Focusing Mask and Dust Cap is provided in a Red color finish.


Manufacturer: William Optics
Function: Bahtinov Focusing Mask and Dust Cover
Accepts/Fits: ZenithStar 61 Telescope
Material: Acrylic, Clear and Metal
Color: Red
Weight: (Not Available from Manufacturer)