William Optics GT 71 Triplet APO Telescope in Red with Flattener & Free Camera Angle Rotator - A-F71GTII-RD-AP

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For a limited time, this GT71 comes with a FREE Camera Angle Rotator!
A $139 Value!

William Optics GT 71 Triplet Air-Spaced
APO Telescope - Red - Includes FLAT6AIII Flattener

  • 71 mm Aperture f/5.9 Imaging Refractor Telescope
  • Triplet w/ FPL-53 glass for Apochromatic performance
  • Covers full frame imaging circle (44 mm)
  • 2.5" Dual-speed WO R & P Focuser
  • Color: White w/Red Trim
  • Includes: FLAT6AIII Flattener
  • Weight: 2.2 kg (4.85 lb)
  • Adjustable/Retractable Dew Shield
  • Vixen style Dovetail Plate, Rings, Case & More

The William Optics GT 71 APO Telescope is a high quality Apochromatic Imaging and visual use telescope with an aperture of 71 mm and a focal length of 420 mm, which produces an f-ratio of f/5.9. This GT 71 APO Telescope from William Optics can be used with a camera mounting system, with various T-mounts for cameras (not included), or equally well as a visual observing instrument. Features a top-quality triplet air-spaced objective, designed by a leading designer with FPL-53 glass. The telescope utilizes precision optics with STM coatings. This GT 71 APO telescope is extremely sharp and has great color correction, ideal for astrophotography.

You will be astonished by the images you get. If you wish to take great astro-images with a high quality APO refractor, this William Optics GT 71 APO Telescope is the convenient way to achieve your imaging goals, with its focal length of 420 mm. Its FPL-53 glass air-spaced Triplet lens design provides images with extreme sharpness, clear details, with APO color correction. Just as great for doing visual observations. This William Optics GT 71 APO Telescope will be an attraction and a hit at every star party you attend.

Incorporates the 2.5" WO Rack & Pinion heavy duty focuser, which is ideal to use with astro-imaging, providing ideal focusing ability with no image shift. The 71 mm objective is a great size for both wide-field and planetary visual observations, and its apochromatic performance makes it ideal for imaging. This is a do-it-all telescope, and it is small enough to take with you when you travel and carry aboard airline flights.

The GT 71 APO Telescope from William Optics incorporates the finest triplet objective with a new FPL-53 center element. This stunning William Optics Gran Turismo (GT) 71 APO telescope is the "jewel" of the APO refractor industry. It has a beautiful white powder coated finish with elegant red trim and the best optics and a superior focuser, so it has more than just good looks.

Includes dual Mounting rings, 2.5" Dual-speed WO R&P Focuser which is 360° rotatable for convenience, Vixen style Dovetail Plate, and the new innovative Bahtinov Mask cover. It can be used visually or with digital cameras, and is compatible with the included FLAT6AIII Field Flattener. This telescope package also includes a premium soft Carrying Case for storage and transportation.

This Package Includes the FLAT6AIII Reducer & Field Flattener

The William Optics 2" Field Flattener & Reducer has a reduction factor of 0.8X. The APO triplet optics of the Flat6AIII are made with Ohara glass and fully multi-coated to provide good illumination and a beautifully flat field across 97% of full frame sensors. 

The FLAT6AIII is adjustable (7.1 mm for the GT71) for perfect back focus and accepts your 48 mm filters.  Please remember that you will need to provide your own 48 mm T-Ring for your DSLR camera.

Built-in Bahtinov Mask Dust Cover!

The GT 71 APO Telescope from William Optics comes standard with a dust cover that has a built-in, clear Bahtinov Mask for perfect focusing every time. Simply remove the flat front cover plate, leaving the dust cover cuff in place on the telescope. Point the telescope at a bright star, and focus carefully. When the bright central diffraction spike looks exactly centered between the other two spikes forming an "X", then your telescope is in exact focus for stars. Remove the dust cover cuff carefully from the objective end of the telescope, and you are ready to image.

Please Note:  We have included images of the Gold version of the GT71 due to the lack of photos of the Red Version.  The scope you will receive with this order is the popular White with Red Highlights.  See the first image to help you visualize the rest.  Thanks!


Product Number: A-F71GTII-RD-AP
Telescope Type: Triplet Air-Spaced Apochromatic Refractor
Objective Aperture: 71 mm
Focal Length: 420 mm
Focal Ratio: f/5.9
Focuser: 2.5" Dual-Speed WO R&P Focuser
Camera Connection: 360° Rotatable
Resolving Power: 1.62 arcsec
Tube Color: White with Red trim
Tube Length: 325 mm (Fully Retracted); 427 mm (Extended)
Tube Weight: 2.2 kg (4.85 lb)
Compatible With: 1:1 Full Frame Flattener, Included
T-Mount: Interchangable T-Mount
T-Rings: None, 48 mm T-Rings are available as optional accessories