William Optics Cat71 - RedCat 71 mm f/4.9 Petzval APO Refractor - T-C-71RD

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The William Optics RedCat refractor continues to be immensely popular, but if you'd like more aperture, a 71 mm f/4.9 RedCat is now available!  This beautifully designed Petzval astrograph sports four optical elements in a three group configuration (2-1-1).  The doublet front group is made of FPL-53 glass, followed by one central element and a rear lens.  This optical design produces a flat image plane on its own, with an image circle of over 45 mm, without the need for a flattener.  With an image circle this big, the RedCat 71 is compatible with full frame or APS-C sensors.

The William Optics Cat71 comes with a built-in Bahtinov mask to assist in focusing, and a calibrated helical focuser.  The lockable helical focuser has a large surface area that makes it easy to focus, even with gloves.  It's gear ring has 153 teeth, which is more precise than most camera lenses.  Behind the focuser is a camera angle rotator with tension knob and a tilt adapter, which ends in M48 threads.

The RedCat 71 comes complete with a saddle handlebar on top.  This handle accepts accessories such as a finder or guide scope but is raised above the focuser enough to serve as a carry handle. A pair of super sturdy mounting rings are also included and attach to an Arca Swiss/Vixen style plate, making it easy to connect the Cat71 to a telescope mount or heavy-duty camera tripod.

When you're not using your telescope, you can store it in the included soft carry bag!


Focal Length:  348 mm

Diameter:  71 mm

Focal Ratio:  f/4.9

Image Circle:  >44 mm

Focuser:  Helical with 2GT Gear Ring

Tube Length with Dew Shield:  435 mm

Weight of OTA:  2.8kg / 6.2 lb.

Weight of OTA with Hardware:  3.7kg / 8.2 lb.