William Optics 2X Barlow 1.25" Nosepiece For Binoviewer - E-Bino-B2

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  • SKU WIL-E-Bino-B2

William Optics 2X Barlow 1.25" Nosepiece For Binoviewer

  • 1.25" Size 2X Barlow Nosepiece For Binoviewers
  • Fits William Optics Binoviewers
  • Provides a 2-Power magnification
  • Can be installed on 1.25" eyepieces which have threads

This 2-power (2X) Barlow 1.25" Nosepiece For Binoviewers from William Optics makes it easier to focus with most telescope. It can be screwed onto 1.25" eyepieces as well as binoviewers. For even more magnification, it can be placed after the optional binoviewer extender. This device functions as a very short-barrel Barlow lens, providing a 2X magnification, via a negative lens.


Manufacturer: William Optics
Mfr. SKU: E-Bino-B2
Function: 2X Barlow lens
Fits: 1.25" Eyepieces (threaded) or Binoviewers
Format: Nosepiece design for Binoviewers
Weight: Not available from manufacturer