Vintage Vista118 -Synta Optics 90mm FL 1000mm Refractor with EQ Mount & Accessories! Made in Canada! (Pre-owned)

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  • SKU USED062601

. Used telescope. Objective made by Synta Optics in great condition. The Eq mount is working fine except the Dec slow motion knob.

BK7/F2 Air-Spaced Glass.



10mm KE Eyepiece

25mm KE Eyepiece

2x Barlow

Smartphone Adapter

Red Dot Finderscope


This vintage telescope works well for both astronomy or terrestrial use.

The scope is a refractor made by OMCON in the 1990's. The model is a Vista 118. The primary lens is 90mm with a focal length of 1000mmm and F11 aperture. It has a 1.25" rack & pinion focuser and an upgraded Red Dot Finderscope It also includes 2 KE coated eyepieces; a 10mm and a 25mm.

The mount is a heavy duty EQ mount with manual RA / DEC controls, & slow motion knob on the RA axis