USB Dew Heater Strip - KIWI (Pre-Owned)

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  • SKU USED13595

1. Protect your digital camera lens or viewfinder from freezing due to cold fog and dew, allowing the device to work well at night where temperatures drop or weather is inclement.
2. Three-speed Temperature Control: This lens dew heater comes with three-speed temperature control of high temperature about 55°C (131°F) ~65°C (149°F), mid-range temperature about 45°C (113°F) ~55°C (131°F), and low temperature about 35°C (95°F) to 45°C (113°F).
3、USB Port Design
4、Wide Range of Application: This dew heater is adjustable and easy to use. Suitable for most sizes of telescopes, viewfinders, digital cameras, etc.

Product size:  28cm*6.5cm*0.5cm/ 11.02in*2.56in*0.20in
Product weight: about 80g