Unistellar Backpack for eVscope or eQuinox Telescopes - ES-UNIBACKPACK

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This beautiful, sturdy backpack is designed to carry the Unistellar eVscope or eQuinox smart telescope. As you can see from the last photo, the telescope's tripod slides into a holder on the exterior of the backpack, for hands-free transport to your favorite observing site, whether it be your backyard or a dark sky location.

The Unistellar backpack has built-in foam inserts that will hug your eVscope securely, and an internal fastening strap further protects the telescope to keep it from moving around as you walk or hike. A removable rain shield is included to protect the case from rain or super humid conditions.

Since this is a backpack, a lot of thought went into the user's comfort as well. The back is ventilated so you don't get hot and sticky. Padded adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable to wear and a hip belt, which is also adjustable, is available to help distribute the load.

Finally, there are extra pockets on the inside and outside to hold accessories and other essentials. Two large zipped pockets are located on the outside, and there is a zipped pocket to hold the hip belt safely out of the way when you don't need it. There are also 5 small internal pockets! Two are made to hold the telescope cap and eyepiece lid while observing, and the extras could hold your smartphone or other small items.

Please note: This backpack does not come standard with either the eVscope or the eQuinox unless you buy the package. Unless you will always be viewing from home or have another case that would work for the scope, tripod, and accessories, we highly recommend you pick this up. It makes storing and transporting your Smart Telescope so easy, and protects your investment.