Tele Vue TV76 APO Refractor Telescope - Evergreen - GXO-3065

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About the TeleVue TV76 APO Refractor Telescope - Evergreen...

The TeleVue TV76 APO Telescope combines the Pronto's compact size with the TeleVue Telescope APO optical performance of the Televue-85. The combination of the apochromatic doublet lens and the special dispersion glass come together in the genius of the TeleVue Telescope design to provide a stunning 5.5-degree rich-field which will dazzle the vision with delicate jewel-like stars.


The apochromatic performance of the TeleVue Telescope Nagler designed, with a fully multi-coated 2-element objective, produces natural stellar and planetary color rendition even at the highest useful powers. Whether you're pushing beyond the theoretical magnification limits of 160x or taking your breath away with incredibly low power, picture window views of the heavens, the TeleVue TV76 APO Telescope is there to deliver.


But, the Televue-76 isn't only a night owl. You'll love this TeleVue Telescope for bird watching and nature studies, too.  The small size and light weight of the TeleVue TV76 APO Telescope permit the use of lighter-duty tripods and TeleVue Mounts for easy field carrying and transportation, making it an ideal companion for nature hikes, vacation trips, and travel. The padded shoulder bag provides protection and room for the scope and six eyepieces, and this true rich field TeleVue Telescope can even be considered "carry on" luggage.


As incredible as the TeleVue TV76 APO Telescope performs, it the lasting qualities that count when it comes to making a serious TeleVue Telescope investment. Not only is the TV76 a work of optical art - but mechanical as well. The 2" rack and pinion focuser was designed with a brass, non-marring clamp ring instead of a single set screw. Not only will this hold your TeleVue Accessories more securely in place, but it won't mar the barrel of your prized optics - and neither will the 1.25" adapter. The focuser glides smoothly and cleanly, with just enough tension to keep from making corrections too quickly - yet loose enough to keep from feeling "stiff" in cold weather. By including simple optional equipment such as split-ring tube holder and tripod adapter, you can easily mount it to an optional photo tripod or enjoy the optional lightweight and transportable TeleVue Telepod Mount with your system.


For those who are looking for an outstanding telephoto lens, optional Televue adapters will quickly turn the TV76 into a 480mm (9.6x) f/6.3 performer worthy of your best nature and sky shots. Combine with a TeleVue Mount for excellence in astrophotography. If you demand high-quality optics, then this is the TeleVue Telescope for you.


TeleVue TV76 APO Refractor - Evergreen Specifications...

Optical Design: Apochromatic Doublet Refractor

Aperture: 3" (76mm)

Limiting Visual Magnitude: 11.9

Focal Ratio: f/6.3

Focal Length: 18.9" (480mm)

Optical Tube Dimensions: 14.5" (368mm) w/dew shield retracted

Body Color: Evergreen

Focuser Design: 2" Rack & Pinion

Total Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg.)

Optical Coatings: Multi-coatings