Tripod Leveler for Seestar 50

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  • Triple-wheel tripod leveler allows you to fine-tune your Seestar S50 to get precise balance on varied topography.
  • 8mm height adjustable on each wheel, around +/-5°.
  • 3 bubble levels offer accurate and highly visible level indication.
  • 3/8" top screw and bottom thread for universal tripod and photography head mounting.
  • CNC aluminum alloy precise construction, with anode anti-oxidation treatment surface.


Sometimes it is hard to level your tripod-mounted telescope, spotting scope, or camera when the ground is uneven.  You will appreciate this compact yet highly adjustable leveler when that is the case!  Just spin the fine-tune knob and fasten the lock to achieve accurate balance, and check to make sure you are level by looking at the three bubble levels installed around the circumference of the leveler.


  • Model: LP-64
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Black & red
  • Maximum Load Capacity: less than 15kg / 33Lbs
  • Tilt Range: +/-5°
  • Top Screw: 3/8"
  • Bottom Thread: 3/8"
  • Maximum height: 46mm