Telrad Reticle Pulser - 2010

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Product details

  • SKU TELR-2010

Telrad Pulser

  • Pulses Telrad reticle on/off
  • Pulsing rate is adjustable by user
  • User-Installed Add-on feature for existing Telrad
  • Some installation required for use

This Telrad Pulser (Add-on) is an LED pulser device for your existing Telrad Finderscope. This electronic device when switched on "pulses" the circles (on and off) viewed in the Telrad so you can more easily see the night sky through your Telrad finder. Makes it more comfortable to point to fainter star fields.

NOTE: There will be some installation work involved by the user in order to install this device in your Telrad Finderscope. In particular, the user will have to drill a hole in the plastic case of the Telrad unit to install the shaft of the potentiometer which is part of this product. It also replaces the battery holder in the Telrad.

What's In The Box:

  • 1-New battery holder assembly
  • 1-Circuit board assembly with potentiometer attached
  • 1-Plastic knob (attaches to potentiometer shaft)
  • 2-Wire nuts to connect wires
  • 1-Wires provided for installation
  • 1-Instructions and template for drilling hole


Manufacturer: Telrad
Telrad Product SKU: 2010
Function: Pulses reticle on/off at adjustable rate
Material: Misc. metal and plastic
Instructions Provided: Yes - Installation Instructions
Weight: 27.8 g (1 oz)