Telrad Mounting Base Only - 2001

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  • SKU TELR-2001

Telrad Original Mounting Base Only

  • Extra Telrad Original Mounting Base
  • Use your Telrad Finderscope on another telescope
  • Base attaches easily to telescope with adhesive strips
  • Buy a spare Base for each telescope you own
  • Use one Telrad Finderscope with all the scopes you have

This is an original Telrad Mounting Base, only. If your mounting base gets damaged, this is the perfect replacement one. Or buy one or more of these Telrad Original Mounting Base(s) to attach to all of your telescopes, so you can use a single Telrad Finderscope on any of your existing telescopes by simply moving it over to the base on the telescope you want to use. Base attaches easily to telescope with adhesive strips which are provided. This base weighs only 55.3 g (1.95 oz). It is very easy to attach to any telescope tube.


Manufacturer: Telrad
Telrad Product SKU: 2001
Material: Black finish, ABS plastic construction
Retaining thumbscrews: two on the Base; 6-32 thread, 0.5" long
Weight: 55.3 g (1.95 oz)