Telrad Dew Shield - 2020

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  • SKU TELR-2020

Telrad Dew Shield

  • Add-on Dew Shield for Telrad Finderscope
  • Flips out of the way for viewing through Telrad
  • Helps prevent dew formation when not viewing
  • Easy to install on existing Telrad Finderscope

This Telrad Dew Shield is made to attach to your existing Telrad Finderscope to help preven dew from forming on the Telrad window during cold, moist environmental conditions.

The Telrad Dew Shield covers up the window area of the Finderscope when you are not using it. When you wish to use the Telrad Finderscope, the Dew Shield folds back to expose the window so you can view through the device.

NOTE: This product includes only the Dew Shield and bracket hardware. No Telrad Finder is included. There is some minor installation work required to install this product.


Manufacturer: Telrad
Telrad Product SKU: 2020
Function: Dew Shield for Telrad Finder
Material: Plastic - Black
Instructions Provided: Yes - Installation Instructions
Weight: 25.4 g (0.9 oz)