TeleVue TV-60 X-Y Adjustable Mount Kit For SCT Scope - AAC-0002

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TeleVue TV-60 X-Y Adjustable Mount Kit For SCT Scope

This TeleVue AAC-0002 X-Y Adjustable Mount System is designed for quick installation of Tele Vue 60 to Schmidt-Cassegrain scopes 8" or larger for use as a "superfinder", or to attach to a TeleVue Ring Mount.

The AAC-0002 consists of 3-sections (one each AAM-0001, one each MBC-1001 & one each SAB-1001) that can be used in multiple applications.

AAM-0001 X-Y Adjustable Mount: The large knob acts as a pivot for the 2 horizontal adjustment screws, while simultaneously acting as the lock knob for the vertical "jack screw" adjustment. Removing the "stop screws" on the end of the TV-60 dovetail permits easy removal and installation onto the similar AAM-0001 dovetail. Remember to reinstall the "stop screw" for safety after the Tele Vue 60 is mounted. Note: This mount, without the mounting block and SCT accessory bracket can attach directly to the slots in the Tele Vue telescope ring mounts.

MBC-1001 Mounting Block: When used with the SAB-1001 SCT accessory bracket, this part is normally permanently attached to the X-Y adjustable mount U-channel with 2 #10-32 button head screws.

SAB-1001 SCT Accessory Bracket: This part should be permanently installed on the desired area of your SCT using screws supplied with the SCT. The plastic knob locks the mounting block (carrying the X-Y adjustable mount) in place. Note the safety stop and safety counterbore for security. Position on SCT so that stop-screw faces eyepiece end of your telescope.