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Tele Vue NP101is Accessory Package

This Tele Vue NP101is Accessory Package consists of four accessories which will make your existing T-V  NP101is APO Imaging System Refractor Telescope much more useful and enjoyable: (1) An 18.2 mm FL 1.25" DeLite Eyepiece, (2) a 2" 90° Everbrite Diagonal, (3) a 4" Ring Mount for the OTA, and (4) a 2" to 1.25" HiHat Adapter. Accessorize your Tele Vue NP101is Imaging System Refractor for better observing and easier operation.

NOTE: See all four images for illustrations of the products included in this package deal.

The Tele Vue 4 Inch Ring Mount slips around the tube assembly of the  NP101is telescopes while the bottom of the 4" Ring Mount attaches to any alt-az or equatorial mount that uses a 1/4-20 attachment bolt. The slot you see on the top of the Tele Vue 4" Ring Mount allows you to attach Tele Vue accessories like the Starbeam, Sol-Searcher, or Quik Point finder. This beautiful black anodized ring mount has a satin finish that will match other black items on your TeleVue tube assembly.

The Tele Vue DeLite 18.2 mm 62 degree 1.25" Eyepiece will exhibit no scattered light or ghost images, with no glare or internal reflections, and has high transmission. The DeLite series are high-end eyepieces that are small and light, yet provide diffraction-limited performance, high contrast, and generous 20 mm eye relief. The DeLite Series of eyepieces also have a unique sliding, locking eye guard, and they are Dioptrx-ready.

Whiter and brighter images. Simply put, that is the benefit of the Everbrite mirror coating incorporated into the TeleVue Everbrite Dielectric Diagonal - 2" This exotic, dielectric, nonmetallic coating is 99 percent reflective across the full visual spectrum, resulting in the whitest, most natural image available in a TeleVue Star Diagonal. The coating is painstakingly applied to Pyrex with a surface accuracy of a 1/10 wave flatness.

Do you need a step down adapter to mate your 1.25" eyepieces with your 2" focuser or star diagonal? Is using a long barlow lens a little scary because it might touch the diagonal mirror? Then you need the Tele Vue High Hat Adapter. The Televue High Hat Adapter was designed for the use of a long barlow lens and prevents the end of the barlow from contacting the diagonal mirror surface. It reduces any 2" ID initial assembly to accept any 1.25" occular.

NOTE: A Tele Vue NP101is Scope is NOT included in this package!