TeleVue FoneMate Smart Phone to EP Adapter - SFA-0001

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TeleVue FoneMate Smart Phone to EP Adapter

This TeleVue FoneMate™ smart phone adapter is a convenient way to enter the world of Digiscoping. FoneMate™ can connect any of TeleVue's recommended eyepieces to phones sized from about (width x height): 60- x 114-mm (2-5/16" x 4-½") to 120- x 212-mm (4-¾; " x 8-5/16") in size. To minimize vignetting and maximize image quality, see the "Eyepiece Specifications" table (found on TeleVue's web site) for eyepieces recommended for FoneMate™. Because camera pupils move with zooming, you may find minimum vignetting at the extremes of zoom positions. Results will vary depending on the camera used.

Note: The clamps on the FoneMate will extend to accept the largest size cell phone!