TeleGizmos Solar Observing Hood - TGSO

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TeleGizmos Solar Observing Hood

The new TGSO Solar Observing Hood from TeleGizmos is the right way to make observing the Sun more comfortable and enjoyable!  Simple to use, and easy to install on your specialty solar telescope. This TeleGizmos TGSO Solar Observing Hood employs a dual-layer design with their solar material on the outside to keep you cool and a black opaque inner liner to provide light blockage. Significantly improves your solar observing experience. This cover has a Velcro closure  to secure the cover to your solar scope. The TeleGizmos TGSO Solar Observing Hood will make solar observations a much more pleasurable experience for you and your whole family, by increasing the comfort factor for you while you observe!

The TGSO Solar Observing Hood selected for "Sky & Telescope" Magazine's 2016 Hot Product list.

NOTE:  Remember, you can Only observe the Sun with a dedicated solar telescope or a normal astronomical telescope which has been fitted with a safe and properly-designed solar filtration system!  Never let children or any other persons attempt to observe the Sun with any unfiltered or conventional optical system of any kind, as permanent eye damage can result!