TeleGizmos 365 Series Cover for 16"-18" Dobsonian for Vertical Park Position - T34D

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TeleGizmos 365 Series Cover for 16"-18" Dobsonian Telescopes for Vertical Park Position

This cover is from the TeleGizmos 365 Series of heavy-duty environment protection covers. This TeleGizmos Cover will fit 16"-18" Dobsonian scopes for Vertical Park Position. The cover has a 115" circumference and 90" height. May fit other telescopes; check your dimensions of your scope set up to be sure.

NOTE: The photograph shows a generic 365 Series SCT cover installation for illustration purposes, only. Your cover will look slightly different.

Every TeleGizmos Cover is manufactured in the company's own shop. Only the finest commercial Juki sewing machines are used. Their seamstresses are skilled experts in crafting TeleGizmos covers, both standard sizes and custom work. TeleGizmos takes extreme pride in consistently producing only the highest quality scope covers with a solid warranty. TeleGizmos has a no-nonsense commitment to fully provide their stated level of performance for every cover.

With TeleGizmos now in its 12 year, their reputation has been earned by providing top quality products with un-compromised customer service. You can count on your TeleGizmos Cover to provide the performance you expect, first time, every time. TeleGizmos' covers go through extensive testing in-house and with in-the-field customer testers. Their 365 Series Covers were developed over six months, and were tested in actual use for a year at several different and diverse locations before being introduced. Protection is guaranteed!

TeleGizmos' solar radiant barrier material is a proprietary structure unlike any other scope cover material available. It is not Mylar. The internal aluminized radiant barrier is pure aluminum applied through a dispersion process that is accurately controlled for consistency. The fibrous webbing imbedded in this solar material creates a strong tear and stretch resistance foundation. All this is built into multiple layers of polyethylene.

Their 365 Series outer canvas is the finest, ultra high weave count, acrylic coated material available in a telescope cover. It has been rigorously tested to meet The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Protecting your investment: Like astronomers, TeleGizmos people are dedicated to the love of astronomy. Like you, they want to protect your investment in scopes and optics. What ever telescope equipment you have, TeleGizmos will provide you with an exceptional level of protection backed up by an un-compromised level of customer service.