Tele Vue Starbeam - Tele Vue Quick Release Base - SRT-2010

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Tele Vue Starbeam - For Tele Vue W/ Quick Release Base

  • Elegant design Starbeam from Tele Vue is a red-dot finder
  • Viewed straight through, you see the natural sky with a 10 arc-minute (1/3 Moon diameter) "red-star" dot, showing your scope's position
  • Flip the mirror into position for more comfortable 90° viewing
  • Adjustable brightness and blink-rate

This Tele Vue version of the Starbeam comes with the Tele Vue Quick Release Bracket (QRB-1002) and the Dovetail (QRD-1006). The Quick Release Bracket easily mounts to channels in the Tele Vue ring mounts and mount rings. The Dovetail is mounted to the base of the Starbeam. With its 39 mm aperture, the projected image is easily seen any distance behind Starbeam, whether 2 inches or 2 feet! The finely made glass lens acts as a beamsplitter to combine the natural sky background with the superimposed red pointing "star."

The Starbeam (Red-Dot Finder) uses a concave mirror and beamsplitter combination to allow the user to see the sky at unity magnification, and also see a red dot which appears to be at infinity, i.e. on the sky. The first lens surface acts as a collimating mirror so the "red-star" stays stationary against the sky background regardless of how it is viewed. It has a 6-arcminute accuracy over any eye position to allow you to pin-point objects. A light source at the rear of the Starbeam projects a red LED light towards the concave mirror/beamsplitter. The user can adjust the brightness of the red LED source, turn it on or off, and also can vary the red dot from steady to various blinking rates. Finally, the user can view the sky/objects either directly looking along the line of sight, or by flipping a mirror up, to view this at a 90° folded angle, if desired.

The Starbeam can quickly be swapped in- or out- of the Quick Release Bracket for transportation or transfer to different scopes, for the ultimate in convenience. The Dovetail also allows this Starbeam to mount on Orion and Sky-Watcher finder shoes as well as on some Vixen scopes (those which are not made in Japan). (Note: If the finder shoe narrows, this dovetail may not fit.) It may be necessary to remove the "stop" screw from the bottom of the Dovetail to fit non-Tele Vue finder brackets.

The Quick Release Bracket accepts Vixen, Orion, and Sky-Watcher "stalk" type finders as well as the Starbeam and is available separately.


Manufacturer: Tele Vue
Mfr. SKU: SRT-2010
Function: Starbeam, Tele Vue, Quick Release Base
Material: Aluminum; Mirror, Other