Tele Vue Panoramic Pano-Ash Advanced Mount - P4M-7011

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Tele Vue Panoramic Pano-Ash Advanced Mount

The Tele Vue Panoramic Pano-Ash Advanced Mount consists of a Tele Vue Tele-Pod mount on a newly-designed tripod. It represents the most travel-friendly mount and tripod, with a newer design, for their smaller scopes. For more rigidity under heavier loads, the Tele-Pod head is attached to the tripod and tray to become the Panoramic™ Advanced mount. Since the Sky Tour encoder attachment points are within the head itself, the Panoramic™ Advanced mount is also Sky Tour compatible.

The new design for this Tele Vue Panoramic (Pano-Ash) Advanced Mount incorporates the high-quality ash wood Berlebach tripod and a wood tray.

The legs are crafted from solid wood and will position the cradle height from 28” to 46”. The wood tray accessory will quickly attach to the leg spreaders with one attachment knob. The rubber tips on the legs can be retracted to reveal metal spikes, which are really convenient when setting up your tripod/mount on a soft grass or ground surface.

The new Pano-Ash Advanced Mount weighs 11.35lb. This product, the Panoramic Advanced (Pano-Ash) Mount from TeleVue replaces their original Panoramic Mount.