Tele Vue Gibraltar HD4 Mount with Encoders - G4E-6023

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  • SKU TEL-G4E-6023

Tele Vue Gibraltar HD4 Mount with Encoders

  • Complete, Gibraltar HD4 telescope mount featuring smooth alt-azimuth motions and included encoders
  • Gives you object locating ability
  • To be used with your existing Digital Setting Circles or computer
  • Sturdy Wood Tripod with adjustable legs
  • Includes a bubble-level, glove-friendly locking clamps
  • Includes metal spikes with rubber tips for multiple surfaces
  • Made for the larger, heavier Tele Vue refractor telescopes

This Tele Vue Gibraltar HD4 with Encoders installed is a complete telescope mount featuring smooth alt-azimuth motions and included encoders to add object locating capability. It is an Az-El type mount on a Wood tripod with adjustable legs. This combination is perfect for using Tele Vue's larger refractor telescopes. Telescope height ranges from 3.5 ft to 5 ft above ground. Larger Wooden tripod legs are adjustable with rubber-tipped feet and spiked feet included. Features include a bubble-level, glove-friendly locking clamps, a safety chain leg support, and also an included central wooden tray for your accessories. Tele Vue's longer, heavier 4" scopes are best matched to this rock-solid Gibraltar HD4 mount. The large bearing surfaces and thick wood legs best handle the heavier loads, especially for doing your high-power viewing.

Leg extensions raise the altitude axis to 5-feet, still ideally sized for using a chair. Scale on leg extensions allows repeatable setting to desired height. A wood accessory tray ties the legs together for rigidity. A built-in pier is included which allows for high-altitude viewing. A bubble-level is integrated into the tripod base. Metal ground spikes with rubber tips are provided.

The self contained head comes with installed encoders, and the wooden tripod as shown in the photo. It is the strongest and most stable Digital Setting Circle-ready mount head/tripod from Tele Vue. This combined assembly is the original Tele Vue Gibraltar HD4 Az-El mount head combined with the Wood Tripod and with the included pair of dual-axis encoders. The installed Tele Vue encoders have a 2,160 step resolution design which translates into a 10 arcminute per step angular resolution for the encoders. Intended to be used with external Digital Setting Circles or your computer.

The Tele Vue encoder mount packages include encoders which have been pre-installed on Tele Vue mounts along with the cables necessary to work with your Digital Setting Circles or computer (DSC / Computer). This equipment greatly enhances your observing fun and capability of your telescope. The Tele Vue digital encoders will receive their power from your external Digital Setting Circles unit, or your computer, depending upon operational needs.


Manufacturer: Tele Vue
Mfr. SKU: G4E-6023
Function: Gibraltar HD4 Mount with Encoders
Telescope Height Available: From 3.5 ft to 5 ft
Altitude Range: From +80° to -12°
Compatible With: Most Tele Vue larger Refractors
Encoder(s) Resolution: 2,160 step; 10 arcminute per step angular resolution
Weight: 20.5 lb
Material: Aluminum; Steel, Wood Tripod