Tele Vue 0.8X Reducer for NP Telescopes - NPR-2073

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The Tele Vue 0.8X Reducer for Nagler-Petzval Telescopes was designed specifically for the Televue NP127is and NP101is refractors and replaces the discontinued reducer NPR-1073.  As part of the Tele Vue Imaging System, this upgraded 0.8X reducer minimizes vignetting when used with camera sensors up to a 43 mm diagonal, which means it will work with full frame as well as APS sized sensors.

When used with a Tele Vue Petzval style telescope, the NPR-2073 reducer reduces the focal length by 20% and widens the field of view by 25%.

The NP Reducer is threaded to attach to the imaging insert that comes standard with both the 127is and 101is telescopes, and the other side has the same threads and will connect to all of the applicable accessories in the Tele Vue Imaging System.