Explore Scientific ED152 f/8 APO Triplet Refractor with Hex 3" Focuser - Carbon Fiber - TED15208CF-HEX

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Explore Scientific ED152 CF Carbon Fiber APO Triplet Telescope with 3" HEX Focuser

ED152 Carbon Fiber Edition f/8 Air Spaced Triplet w/Removable Dew Shield; 1216mm focal length; Standard 3" HEX Two-Speed Focuser; Cradle Ring with Handle and Losmandy Style Dovetail Plate; 99% Reflective 2" Diagonal; Deluxe Rolling Carry Case; Right Angle Erect Polar Image illuminated Reticle Finder Scope. Weighs 21 lbs.

Includes a Standard 3" Hexagonal Rack and Pinion Focuser.

The ED152 carbon fiber optical tube assembly is not only beautiful, it is strong and lightweight. The 152mm is an Air-Spaced Apochromatic Triplet Refractor, with true APO optics. The optics of the ED152 are diffraction limited at .25PV or better and use Genuine ED glass from Hoya Japan is respected for its quality. Enhanced Multi-Layer Coatings (EMD) are deposited on optical elements to boost contrast and eliminate light scatter. Contrast is further enhanced with the installation of matte black knife-edge baffles in the optical tube assembly. While refractors seldom require additional collimation after initial factory adjustment, the lens cell design allows for consumer collimation. Sending your Explore ED152 off to the factory is always an option, but is not required.

The 152mm model comes with a 3" rack & pinion dual-speed Hex focuser. A 2" compression ring adapter is included. Included 2" diagonal has a precision-polished mirror with enhanced 99% dielectric coatings. A 1.25" compression ring adapter is part of this package. The 152mm model comes with an 8x50 right-angle finderscope with illuminated reticle eyepiece. It provides a wide 6° field of view that is right-side up and left-to-right correct. Great for daytime or nighttime. The 152mm telescope is supplied with a Losmandy style dovetail for attachment to mounts from Celestron, Losmandy, Meade, and more.

ED 152 Carbon Fiber Edition f/8 Air Spaced APO Triplet; Hexagonal 3" Focuser; Cradle Ring with Handle and Losmandy Style Dovetail Plate; 8x50 Polar Illuminated Correct Image Right Angle Finder Scope; 99% Reflective 2" Diagonal; Deluxe Carry Case.

Each 152 is serial numbered and if registered within 60 days is protected with the Explore STAR Lifetime Transferrable Warranty.


Description           ED152mm Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced Triplet APO                                      Refractor  w/ Hexagonal 3" Focuser
Item Number        TED15208-CF
Focal Length        1216mm
Focal Ratio            f/8
Magnitude             13
Resolution              0.75 arcsec
Tube Length
w/ Dew Shield        52"; 1320mm
Tube Length
w/out Dew Shield   41"; 1041mm
Diameter                165mm
Weight                   20.5lb; 9.3kg
Dovetail                 Vixen or Losmandy