Svbony Three-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit - W2812A

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This three-piece cleaning kit comes conveniently stored in a drawstring pouch to keep everything close by when needed!  

Blow dust off of your optics with the bulb blower, use the lens pen to gently remove spots and pollen that will not come off with the blower.  Finally, use the cleaning cloth to gently finish your cleaning routine!

Please note that while it is nice to have a cleaning kit like this to remove eyelash marks from your eyepieces, water spots, or pollen, you should go very gently.  A little dust is not going to affect your views, so remember that every time you rub or otherwise clean your optics, you will cause very fine scratches, or sleeks, in the coating surface.  Again, not a big deal, but the affects are cumulative, so when in doubt, leave your optics alone.  There are lots of great articles on the web that explain how to make as little impact on your optics when cleaning.  We recommend you check it out!