Svbony SV208 8x50 Illuminated Correct Image Finder - W9160A

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The Svbony 8x50 Finder is a really nice example of an illuminated, correct image finder scope in a straight-through design!  The 50 mm objective lens (the bigger one in the front) collects lots of light due to it's size and the FMC, or fully multi-coated optics.  This special coating offers up a brighter image and more clarity when compared to cheaper optical coatings.

With 8X magnification and a 7.3 degree field of view, you will notice how easy it is to find and center your target.  Plus, the built-in BK7 correct image roof prism corrects the image so that everything is right side up and left-to-right correct.  In other words, the sky through the finder looks just like it does when you are looking with the naked eye.

There is a glass reticle positioned in the finder that can be used whether you turn on the illuminator or not.  The image below shows what it looks like, and how you can rotate the crosshairs if you wish.

The illuminator used a red LED, which is powered by two button cell batteries (LR754), to illuminate the reticle when necessary. Sometimes the sky is so dark that it is hard to see the reticle without illumination!  This illuminator is adjustable, allowing you to brighten or dim it so you can better see the contrast between the object and the crosshairs.

Finally, the Svbony SV208 Finder has several other adjustments that can be made.  You can focus the eyepiece and the objective separately, and there is also a reticle parallax compensation adjustment to ensure the target and the reticle are on the same focal plane.  

Another adjustment you can make is how the finder tube sits in the finder bracket.  This adjustment allows you to match the view you get through your telescope's eyepiece to the view through your finder.  Simply center a chosen target (like a streetlight or other distant unmoving object) in your telescope's eyepiece, then, trying not to bump or move your telescope, loosen the thumbscrews in the finder rings to move the finder itself up, down, right, or left until the chosen target is centered in the reticle.  You can improve your scope/finder alignment by doing the same thing again, but with a higher power eyepiece.  When night falls, take your scope outside and check your alignment on a bright object in the sky.  It should be pretty close already, and easy to tweak. Now you are ready to use your finder!  Happy hunting!

What's In the Box?

  • Svbony 8x50 Straight-Through Correct Image Finder
  • Dual-Ring Bracket with Dovetail Stalk
  • LED Illuminator
  • Two LR754 Batteries
  • Dust Covers for Both Ends
  • Cleaning Cloth