Svbony SV165 30 mm f/4 Mini Guider Scope - W9125A

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The Svbony SV165 Mini Guider is a great choice for pairing with the SV305 cameras as well as cameras from ZWO, QHY, Orion, and more!  It is thoughtfully made, with large adjustment knobs that are easy to use even when you have gloves on!  

The SV165 has an aperture of 30 mm, a focal length of 120 mm, and a focal ratio of f/4.  The doublet optics are broadband fully multi-coated for clarity and brightness.  Back focus length is 26 mm.

The camera end of the guider has 1.25" & M42*0.75 threads, making it compatible with a wide range of cameras.

The helical focuser has a 45mm focus stroke, allowing for easy and precise adjustments, and with fast f/4 optics, you'll have a nice wide field of view to help you center targets quickly.  To focus, simple rotate the red lock ring to loosen the objective section in front of it.  Now focus by rotating the objective, then rotate the red lock ring back into position to secure.

The mounting ring has nylon-tipped screws to keep the mini guider body scratch-free.  Just loosen the knobs to rotate the guider as you wish.  A mounting foot with a UNC 1/4-20 screw hole is included.  Most scopes come standard with a finderscope shoe, making it easy to just slide the foot into the shoe and tighten it down. 

What's In the Box?

  • Svbony 30mm Mini Guide Scope
  • Dual-Ring Bracket with Mini Dovetail
  • Two Nylon-Tipped Thumbscrews
  • Tool for Screws
  • Dust Covers for Both Ends