Svbony SV155 1.25" Filter Set - 7-Piece - F9135A

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This 7-piece planetary filter set from Svbony includes the most popular color filters for observing the planets; especially Mars, Jupiter & Saturn. The 1.25" filter kit also includes a moon/skyglow filter for reducing glare when viewing bright objects (like the Moon!). This Moon Filter is a multi-bandpass filter that transmits a high percentage of light in the visual spectrum. It effectively filters out light pollution wavelengths such as low pressure sodium and other street lights.

The color planetary filters include 23A red, 21 orange, 12 yellow, 56 bright green, and 82A bright blue.

The CPL, or polarized filter, enhances contrast of the moon & planets in astrophotography.

Each filter has 1.25" threads that screw onto most 1.25" eyepieces and other barreled accessories. A case is provided to store each filter separately when not in use.