Starlight Innovation Star-Tray - STARTRAY

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Starlight Innovation Star-Tray Accessory

  • Eyepiece Holding Tray
  • Strong metal construction
  • Attaches to back of chair
  • Accepts 1.25" and 2" eyepieces
  • Matches design of the chair
  • Aluminum with Clear Anodized finish
  • Weight Capacity is 15 pounds

This Starlight Innovation Optional Star-Tray is made to hold your eyepieces and other accessories in a convenient location for the observer. It attaches to the back of the chair. It works as a general accessory tray with your Starlight Innovation chair. This Star-Tray Accessory from Starlight Innovation will accept two 2" eyepieces and three 1.25" eyepieces in pre-drilled holes at the same time. But, this tray also has additional surface space for other eyepieces or accessories when needed. Convenient storage; easy to use and easy to transport with the chair.


Manufacturer: Starlight Innovation
Mfgr. SKU: Startray
Function: Accessory Tray
Construction: Aluminum metal