Starlight Innovation 5 lb Counterweight - CWT

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Starlight Innovation Para-Light I 5 lb Counterweight

This 5-Pound Counterweight from Starlight Innovation is the exact identical to the counterweight which is provided with their PL1 Para-Light I Parallelogram Alt-Az mount. This optional extra counterweight provides additional counterbalance weight for using heavier gear with that mount, while also increasing the maximum payload capacity of the mount.

Buy this extra 5-pound Counterweight from Starlight Innovation to increase your Para-Light I Parallelogram payload capacity up to 16 pounds. Easy to install.

The counterweight you receive may not look exactly like the picture per the manufacturer.


Manufacturer: Starlight Innovation
Mfgr. SKU: CWT
Function: Additional Counterweight
Compatibility: PL1 Para-Light I Parallelogram
Construction: Steel metal
Weight: 5 pounds