StarField USB Dew Heater - 30cm at 6W - 76 mm to 80 mm - DH-3U

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This StarField dew heater is USB powered and is fitted with a 30 cm (11.8") Velcro strap and is designed to fit a 76 mm to 80 mm telescope. The strong velcro strap makes it easy to wrap the heater around your telescope and hold it in place.

The DH-3U Starfield dew strap works with a 5V power supply (sold separately) and produces 6W of power. The dew strap is equipped with a USB plug to be powered from a USB power bank. The RCA plug is attached to a 2 m (6.56") long silicone cable.

Please Note: It is important that you check the outer diameter of the eyepiece, finder, telescope or other optical accessory before you buy a dew heater. For instance, even though you may have a 2" eyepiece, the rubber grip or barrel size may require a longer dew heater strap. The same goes for a telescope's outer dimension measurement in the location a strap would be attached (near the optics). Measure twice, buy once!