StarField USB Dew Heater - 20cm at 4W - 2" to 60 mm - DH-2U

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This StarField dew heater is USB powered and is fitted with a 20 cm (7.87") Velcro strap and is designed to fit a 2” eyepiece or 50 mm or 60 mm guidescope or finderscope. The strong velcro strap makes it easy to wrap the heater around your telescope and hold it in place.

The DH-2U Starfield dew strap works with a 5V power supply (sold separately) and produces 4W of power. The dew strap is equipped with a USB plug to be powered from a USB power bank. The RCA plug is attached to a 2 m (6.56") long silicone cable.

Please Note: It is important that you check the outer diameter of the eyepiece, finder, telescope or other optical accessory before you buy a dew heater. For instance, even though you may have a 2" eyepiece, the rubber grip or barrel size may require a longer dew heater strap. The same goes for a telescope's outer dimension measurement in the location a strap would be attached (near the optics). Measure twice, buy once.