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With the Sightron Nano Tracker, a DSLR camera, wide angle lens, tripod and a ball head you can easily track and take photos of celestial objects! The Nano Tracker weighs just 400g and has a very small footprint, allowing you to fit it easily into your camera bag.

Did you know that the stars, the moon, and the sun move across the sky at slightly different speeds? The Nano Tracker has sidereal time tracking for the stars, a faster tracking rate for the moon and a solar tracking mode for the Sun as well as High Speed, for a tracking rate of 50X. Just choose the mode that best suits your shooting target. For example, select "Sidereal Time Tracking Mode" when shooting the Milky Way in the sky, "Moon Tracking Mode" when shooting the Moon, and "Sun Tracking Mode" when shooting a solar eclipse or taking other images of the Sun (with the proper filters, of course).

Another tracking mode that is included is 0.5X Speed Mode, which is very helpful if you would like to take a Nightscape. Nightscape photography is lots of fun. It includes a starry sky but also shows terrestrial scenery. If you tried to photograph a scene like this in sidereal tracking mode the sky would be sharp but the land portion of the image would be blurry. The makers of Nano Tracker have solved this problem by tracking at half the sidereal rate (0.5X), allowing the terrestrial portions of the photo to look more natural and blur less.

Even beginners can begin using the Nano Tracker quickly. Set up is easy. See the image where we show the Nano Tracker on a tripod and a Nikon camera attached? The trick here is to use a sturdy tripod (mini or full size, your choice) but to use a ball head that can easily rotate so you can point the tracker at the pole star. The Nano Tracker has a small "Pole Star Peephole". All you have to do is make adjustments to the orientation of the tracker until the pole star is centered in the hole. That's it for set up! The Nano Tracker can be used in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

The Nano Tracker includes an external power port to the hand controller. This makes it possible to drive from a USB power source as well as from 3 AA batteries. A USB-mini B type cable is required for the USB connection and is sold separately.

  • Tracking mode: Sidereal time tracking, Moon tracking (average) Sun tracking (average), high-speed rotation (50x speed)
  • Rotation speed: 1x speed, 0.5x speed
  • Direction of rotation: Northern hemisphere forward rotation, Southern hemisphere forward rotation
  • Fine movement method: All-around fine movement by worm wheel (f26 mm, 50 teeth)
  • Number of bearings: 2
  • Drive system: Microstep electric drive by stepping motor
  • Loadable weight: Approximately 2.0 kg including the pan head (maximum 10 cm from the center of gravity of the mounted object)
  • Pole star peephole: Magnification 1x, actual field of view about 8.93°
  • Power supply: 3 AA alkaline batteries (nickel-metal hydride batteries can be used)
  • External power supply (USB mini-B type, cable sold separately)
  • Operating voltage / current consumption: CD3.6-4.5V Maximum 0.4A
  • Continuous operation time: Approximately 5 hours (20 ° C, 2.0 kg installed, alkaline batteries used)
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 40° C
  • Size: Body 60x98x44mm (excluding tripod screw), controller 50x105x22mm (excluding connector cable)
  • Weight: Approximately 400g for the main unit, approximately 80g for the hand controller (including cable, not including batteries)
  • Maximum load capacity: 2kg
  • Country of origin : Japan JAN: 4541607590663