Starfield Optics GEAR 60 mm f/5 Quad Astrograph - G60Q-05-01

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The 60mm quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO astrograph, by Starfield Optics, will take your wide field imaging game to new levels.   

During the development of the GÉAR 60Q telescope, Starfield Optics placed great emphasis on achieving very high optical and mechanical standards.  The 60Q features a built-in corrective element within the focusing tube, which is positioned at an optimized distance from the main objective. This design is specifically optimized for astrophotography, ensuring that the camera is automatically positioned at the correct distance for optimal sharpness across the entire field. 

The Starfield GEAR 60Q quadruplet telescope boasts a 2-element lens with FPL53 as the APO element, resulting in exceptional color correction. Even bright stars are clearly visible without any color fringing. The 2-element corrector, built into the focus tube, ensures consistent sharpness across the entire field. Multi-coatings are standard throughout. 

The Petzval design means that finding the perfect spacing is a thing of the past.  Just focus your camera and take your images.  The working distance is 41-61mm from the 48mm thread. This APO is compatible with cameras featuring a full-frame sensor with its 44mm image circle.

This 300mm f/5 Quad has the features that should be standard on all astrographs of this quality.  A 2.5" focuser with a camera angel adjuster, also known as a manual rotator, also boasts a tilt adjustment plate.  

The 2.5" Rack and Pinion focuser boasts an exceptional standard of performance. The drawtube is securely supported by ball bearings, ensuring a smooth and stable operation. Providing exceptional accuracy and allows for the use of heavy cameras and accessories.

The focuser also offers a variety of convenient and useful features, including:

  • A camera angle  adjuster or Rotator with allows for 360° rotation
  • A precise tilter mechanism, which allows for adjustment to match the telescope to the camera for optimal performance.
  • A 1:10 gear reduction for precise focusing
  • The capability to connect a motor focus.
  • An integrated filter holder for 2" filters which is placed in front of the camera.

Each Gear series telescope comes with a soft case with die cut foam.  The case has been designed to accommodate the optional focusing motor (last photo shows the optional focuser installed), or a Pegasus Astro or ZWO focusing motor, and a spot for your imaging camera. An integrated handle for accessories and a long dovetail plate round out the package.